Trying to join the modern age! YouTube Videos

I’ve been lucky recently to have a chance to talk to some clients. One of the thoughts I heard most frequently is that they want access to use/feature information in a more direct fashion. Thus, I have decided to start trying to create use videos.

The videos will show up in the sidebar. With the initial set I intend to illustrate the process of searching for, extracting and normalizing audit committee meeting frequency data. The first video is perhaps a little too long but my son Patrick was nice enough to say he thought I stayed on topic. I will try to keep these focused and try to directly address a specific question.

I have to do some experimenting – my goal is not to alert those of you who subscribed to this blog each time a new video is posted. Rather I hope the videos show up silently in the sidebar and when you have some time/need to explore one of our features you can visit our new YouTube Channel when you have a question or want to review some feature. Of course those of you that want to learn about directEDGAR’s great features so you can join our client base – feel free to watch those videos as well!