Version Release Coming!

2018 has been a busy year.  If you look back you will see that we added new data tables (Insider Trading, 10-K Filing History and Form D data.  In May we released 4.0.4 which was the foundation for allowing us to add the additional data tables as it significantly speeded up the delivery of the artifacts we process.  We also started adding the AGE and SINCE variables to director compensation and have been reworking our beneficial ownership tables to better deliver the data when a filer has multiple classes of stock.  We were able to move our extraction of the Effective Tax Rate Reconciliation table to a near real-time delivery rather than batch updates.

But it doesn’t stop.  When we deliver the filings and indexes for the last 2018 filings we will be including a new version ( of our application.  There are some important improvements coming with this version.

We added a ZOOM box for you to use to build your search phrases.  Our search engine can parse really large (think more than 32,000 character) search phrases.  While you can build the search phrase in Notepad or a similar application we decided to add a bigger box to use in the application.


We added a feature to allow you to identify/specify tables using specific words or values.  A key feature of our platform has always been that you can extract tables from the search results and then manage the data extraction from those tables.  One constraint that was imposed by that strategy is that all the tables across all the documents had to have some consistent phrase/term or value.  There are though cases where the registrants report the data in a unique fashion and so it was difficult to actually access tables.  So we developed a process that allows you to review a set of search results and then specify for each document a specific unique value the application will then use to identify and extract the relevant table(s).


We set up the foundation to quietly handle corporate actions that lead to a change in CIK but not the entity.  This one is a little complicated to explain so bear with me.  If you access most of the leading data sources for financial data and collect data for Alphabet – the time series of Alphabet will extend back to the first 10-K filing made by Google in 2005.  However – if you go to EDGAR and use the CIK that is returned from the financial data service you pulled the data from the first 10-K filing made by Alphabet was filed in 2016.  Because of a reorganization and a merger Alphabet became the successor issuer to Google but they have different CIKs.  With our new update when you submit a CIK for one of those companies (either Google’s 1288776 or Alphabet’s 1652044) our application will quietly add the complementary CIK when you select the new option Include Historical CIKs.  This feature has been added to every menu item that allows you to specify the CIK.


When you first install the application will add a special file that maps the CIKs.  However – because corporate actions that lead to this phenomena continue we have added a control in the Options menu that allows you to update the mappings at your convenience.


Another important change we added was to improve the usability of the application overall by adding keyboard shortcuts for every single menu item.  In the earlier versions of our software we only had keyboard shortcuts for the most used features – now every menu item can be accessed through the keyboard (without use of the mouse).  For example – to access the Search control it is only necessary to press Alt+Z + Tab and you are ready to key in your search phrase.

We also fixed some minor bugs and tweaked the licensing validation process a bit.  In earlier versions if our delivery server was occupied and you started the application the application would wait until the server was free before completely starting.  That hesitation should be gone now.