Standalone SmartBrowser and Release Coming Soon

We have had several requests for allowing users to provide copies of our software to freelancers who would help with some data cleaning activities.  We just can’t do that.  However we have identified a middle ground.  We are working on a standalone version of the SmartBrowser.

The SmartBrowser allows users to cycle through a directory with files (tables or documents) that were created by our application without having to open the files manually. Here is an image of the SmartBrowser:


Some of the key features include:

  1. Parsing of file to identify the
    1. CIK
    2. RDATE
    3. CDATE
  2. Text box so you can type CIK so list will load at that position
  3. Ability to select any CIK, again list will load at the position of the selected CIK
  4. Full set of controls to allow you to move through the files including
    1. Previous – loads the last file reviewed
    2. Next – loads the next file in the queue
    3. Delete Current File – deletes the file that is being displayed
    4. Move Current File – creates a subdirectory named ForReview and moves the current file into that subdirectory

Additional features not displayed include a full text search capability as well as the ability to snap the table that is displayed into Excel.

We think when you want to use Amazon Mechanical Turk or freelancers to help isolate specific data you can email them the relevant snipped tables or documents that you have extracted with the new SmartBrowser.  Having access to the SmartBrowser will allow them to focus directly on data collection rather than file management.

The release will add features to smooth out the installation on managed desktops (those environments where users do not have installation rights) and for scenarios where multiple users share one computer with the Search, Extraction & Normalization Engine accessible to all logged in uers.  We will also push out the update to the code to address the files that are being renamed as htm files when they are actually txt format.

Update 7/20/2016 – is now available – for a download link please email Dr. Burch Kealey  (


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